About Club


The Last Resort was founded in 2003 by Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson. It began as a grass roots community before developing into one of the longest standing and respected organizations in the UK, competing in the early days of Team Fortress 2, Battalion 1944, StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, VALORANT as well as FIFA 21. We’ve nurtured many talented players who have gone on to do exceptional things in their competitive careers. After winning multiple Top 4 accolades in various esport tiers, TLR went through a period of inactivity yet still maintained the loyalty of those who followed us over the years. In 2020 we opened our doors again in a challenging time for esports and the world that tested our fortitude to uphold our motto. Still we continued to recruit many talented players, streamers and management who continue to push for TLR’s progress as well as their own and achieve.



We have fielded some of the best UK and EU talent across various titles. We house Champions and dedicated players who strive to better their game everyday. Our Content Creators are always entertaining as they grow alongside their thriving communities. We continue to compete on the home and international stage showcasing the TLR standard. We support our family with the help of our partners and various companies of which we promote their business and products throughout the world of professional esports.


TLR was built on the foundation of persistence in the face of trying times. We endeavor to evolve flying our banner high in the UK and EU scenes with players and creators of all ages and varieties whilst maintaining our original ethos. We have been expanding at a rapid rate and are always looking for new people, partners and companies to help build our vision in a mutually beneficial state of consistent development.