Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson



Chefinal started TLR with the passion to give new and upcoming players a platform to show off their skills.

He has helped people reach their goals in different games from Call of Duty, CSGO, Rocket league and many many more.

Chefinal’s passion is still showing to this day, as he is still sending players to events, helping content creators push themselves to hit their targets and is always looking to see how he can help new or old companies to help push their products further.

Luke 'MrPenin' Seabrook



MrPenin Joined The Last Resort in 2019, as a content creator.
They use to stream on Mixer before the closure and moved to Twitch to continue giving entertainment to his community.

He grew within TLR as he shown a great attitude and always happy to help, in 2020, MrPenin was given the role of Marketing and Content Manager after showing great display of communication and promotion.

MrPenin is now our General manager, he now oversees all the day to day operations within TLR.



Social Media MANAGER

Connor use to be the owner of BuzzKill eSports until October 2022.

He joined TLR in 2023 as the social media manager.

Connor has been an integral part of pushing our social outreach, this has been increasing the organisation in the right direction, while helping our sponsors, teams and content creators gain more exposure through social media.



Lead designer

Sentic joined the TLR team in 2023, they has been primally responsible for all our amazing graphic you see all over our socials and more!

Check out their links below to get in touch for all your needs too!



Lead long form content editor

RobuLuS joined the TLR team in 2023.

Have you seen the amazing videos on our youtube recently??

Well you can thank RobuLuS for all our long form content creation!

Why not check out what else he does below!


Lead short form content editor

Clayto joined the TLR team in 2023,

He has been editing all our short form content all over TikTok, Instragram and YT Shorts… What do you mean you haven’t seen them??
He has been killing the game with the content he has been producing for us!

Why not check out his links below to see how he can help you too!