TLR Welcomes New Members To Stream Team

With an ever changing gaming and streaming presence online within the gaming community, we are privileged to aquire to skills of three mixer streamers!

  • Grimlockeprime
  • TheOGinger
  • DannyCShow

Please give them a warm welcome to the family!

The guys were kind enough to share with us, their thoughts about joining TLR.


“I’m really happy that I got to have the opportunity to sign up with The Last Resort as a streamer of the TLR team. They are a very hard working a dedicated group of people, who have invested lots of time into growing a team I was happy to partner my brand up with.

– GrimlockePrime”

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“Super excited to be working alongside such an amazing team and to see how we can all grow alongside each other! I’m looking forward to the future of not only my channel but for the future of the team aswell!

– TheOGinger”

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“I’m really happy that we have been given the opportunity to sign for The Last Resort. I’ve grown really well hitting all of my streaming goals 5 months early before joining but i’m excited to see what happens under The Last Resort.

I will be attending the UK event EGX London


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TheLastResort’s long-standing CEO, Michael “chefinal” Robinson also had a few kind words:

I am extremely pleased that we have been able to aquire the services of such high calibre streamers to join our growing team, I hope you all give them a warm welcome and continued support going forward”

P.S. We also apologise with the lack of content you might find on the new website, but we are slowly working to add content, pages and much more! Fortunately, you will soon be able to find a dedicated page to each streamer on the site in the next few days.

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