TLR Welcomes Antlion Audio As Sponsor

We are delighted to announce that we have gained Antlion Audio ( as a sponsor and will be sponsoring TLR CSGO for Epic Lan (

Antlion Audio was founded on the basis of delivering stellar voice communication capabilities to your favourite headphones.

Statement from the Director of Digital Marketing at Antlion Audio:

“We here at Antlion Audio are very proud to support TLR and the CS:GO community as a whole. We wish the team luck at EpicLAN and beyond!”

Statement from TLR.eSports CEO, Michael “chefinal” Robinson:

“We are delighted to have Antlion Audio sponsor the CSGO team as Epic Lan and excited what this new relationship with Antlion Audio will bring for the future of TLR.”

If you are interested in getting an attachable microphone for your favourite headphones, head over to Antlion Audio’s website.

If we had to recommend anything, we would recommend the award-winning ModMic USB as the clarity and build quality is outstanding.

Hope to see you guys soon at Epic Lan!

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