The Last Resort Esports has been undergoing a lot of changes in the last month from management to new players.

The latest of which are our new top tier GM players joining our StarCraft2 Roster. Please give a warm welcome to UK born players Jasha ‘Figaro’ Birrell and Connor ‘AsTer’ Richardson! The pair last competed at epic26 in their Starcraft2 tournament placing 2nd and 5-6th as well as the UKSC2 League 3rd and 5-8th respectively, though they were not on the same team.

We caught up with them on their thoughts about joining TLR and what they hope to achieve in the org. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m excited to have joined the org and to be integrating with more areas of esports in addition to joining a great community. I hope to achieve new peaks at LANs such as a winning an event, gaining access/availability to new LANs and new competitions as well as improving my personal performance along with the team.” – AsTer

“The UK scene is thriving as ever and it’s great to see TLR stepping back into the fray. Can’t wait to represent UK SC2 alongside my team whilst improving form, consistency and achieving strong results in 2020.” – Figaro

Business Development Manager Ollie ‘Kaizen’ Woodward, who was apart of the decision making process for taking on the exceptional players, spoke about why he was happy to have them join the family.

“I am extremely excited with our recent venture into the esport of StarCraft with the pickup of AsTer and Figaro. They are two talented individuals and I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together; I hope to bring both us and them to new heights within StarCraft.” – Kaizen

Our Founder and longstanding Owner Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson who spearheaded the acquisition expressed his delight on the expansion of our esports teams.

“After studying the UK StarCraft 2 scene for a few months it was great to see an old game with a very active scene in the UK. It was a no brainer for us to return once again and add hopefully to our past achievements with the signing of AsTer and Figaro. Please give the players a warm welcome and support them both through their respective social medias and streams” – Chefinal

You heard the boss, drop them a follow on Twitter for updates on their activities and streams. We look forward to competing and creating content with them.

Twitters: @FIGARO_SC2 • @A_s_T_e_R • @TLRMike • @yehkaizen