TLR has been on the UK Scene since 2003, and thought our record shows we have a rich history of competitive players, content creators and management there was a period of inactivity that was much needed. We have recently been adding some crucial staff to our team to ensure that we reach the heights that we have set out, and so we welcome aboard Amorphess.


She has had many roles in the gaming and Esports Industry but predominately works as a Photographer but has since taken the time to focus on her art and occasionally dabble in streaming.

 We asked her why she joined TLR, what he intends to achieve as Content and Community Manager and how he has been finding it so far.

“I have done a lot of things in Esports but many were not the right route for me or I was not able to continue for a lot reasons. I recently was unable to work due to Lockdown and the effects of Covid-19 and it left me with a lot of free time and a need to feel productive and useful again. 2 of my friends Dave Marr and Katy Eyre joined as Streamers and Marr informed me they needed and Social Media and Community Manager. I wasn’t initially hoping to focus only on socials but I was willing to do work generally across the org.” – Amorphess

At the moment she’s currently obsessed with Valorant and hopes to find a career in the game whether in Esports or as a Riot Games artist. She also enjoys Adventure and Open World titles.

Business Development Manager Ollie ‘Kaizen’ Woodward said:

“For the time that she has been with us already she has shown great drive and willingness to assist in any way she can. We are really looking forward to the development of content with her lead.” – Kaizen

Follow Kristina on Twitter @amorphess and TLR @TheLastResort to keep up with all the new changes afoot!