The changes keep rolling this month, both in the UK and the org, however at least we are certain that our current addition to the team was a great choice. We proudly welcome Joshua ‘Magna’ Charles to the family as our second Graphic Designer! We got to know him a little outside of already seeing his strong work ethic to match our Lead Designer Feintified. Here’s what he had to say to our short Q&A:

Have you done any work previously in Esports?

“I am a self taught Esports Designer and have previously worked with ForcesGG, Most Wanted Esports and Zone Esports. I design adverts for Juggernaut Energy and am Head of Development for Alpha1. In addition, I’m currently a member of Servable Studios.”

Why did you join TLR?

“I have a genuine love for Esports and I am always in search of a new way I can contribute the talent I have to give back to the community. I remember in 2017 watching TLR and thinking to myself that I would love to work within a team of such organized, down to earth professionals and when the opportunity presented itself I immediately jumped on.”

What do you hope to accomplish within TLR?

“I am hoping that I can help to bring out the best of the org visually and set it apart from the other teams within the community.”

What projects have you been working on so far?

“I have been working on Esports related designs concerning the CSGO team but have done work for StarCraft 2 too.”

Aside from predominantly being a designer, what else do you like to do for fun/entertainment?

• “I am really into sports and like to play Cricket. I also spend my time drawing.”

Current goals as a designer?

“My goal as a designer is to one day hold a degree to go along with what I have taught myself.”

What’s your favourite games atm?

“Call of Duty Modern warfare and Apex legends.”

CEO and Founder Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson, who understands the importance and value choosing the right designers can add to an esports organisation, had this to say:

“Adding staff such as Josh to our brand is pivotal to our growth. Josh has already shown great skills and ability on top of being a great team member. We look forward to seeing what creative wizardry Josh can come up with in the future.” – Chefinal

You’ve probably already seen some of his designs rolled out on our Twitter so check out his Twitter @MxgnaPSD to stay updated and find more of his stellar work here.

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