If you think we’re gonna slow down bringing in the new talent you’re very mistaken. We warmly welcome the latest addition to our recently acquired StarCraft 2 roster, 22 year old David “Cladorhiza” Phillips!


Ontop of being a 2nd year computer science student, he’s been a very active player alongside his other roster members Aster and Figaro. He recently competed in the UKSC2 Quaranteams placing 3rd best player overall and and his team coming in 3rd place. We asked him a few questions below:

What other events have you been apart of?

“I’ve only been playing again for the last month so I haven’t played in anything yet as I’ve been getting back up to my old level. However, I have been attending every epicLAN and playing in the tournament, so officially my previous 2 events were epicLAN 29 and 28.”

Why did you join TLR?

“I remember TLR back in 2013 when I played casually. It’s good to see old orgs returning to the game and I’m happy to represent one with history in StarCraft.”

How have you been finding it so far?

“So far I’ve noticed TLR is a lot more active than any of my previous teams; It definitely motivates me to ladder more and watch more games.”

What do you want to achieve in the org and as an individual player?

“I want to help TLR grow by representing them in tournaments and streaming. As a player I want to perform well in tournaments, ideally get top 50gm again pretty soon and get a consistent stream schedule.”

What games do you enjoy other than SC2 and what else do you do for fun?

“I love competitive games, I have played CS:GO and League (of Legends) for years and I also play digital ccgs like MTGA and used to play Hearthstone/Elder Scrolls: Legends. Outside of gaming I cook a lot and go bouldering/workout a decent amount but gaming is what I do mostly.”

CEO and Founder Michael Chefinal Robinson spoke about is reasons for choosing Clad as the 3rd Roster member:

“Adding great UK talent like David to our Starcraft 2 lineup makes us extremely proud. With a great attitude, dedication and commitment to achieve we look forward to a bright future.” – Chefinal

As you can tell we have exceptional, diverse and hard working players and we want nothing less. So far we’ve hit the mark every time and will continue to do so.

Follow Clad on Twitter and Twitch @cladorhiza and Mike @TLRMike to keep up with the action sure to come!