When an org goes through big changes it’s natural that people may come and go. In our case it’s just a lot of talent coming in. We warmly welcome Content Creator James ‘J2theM’ Matthews to our Stream Team and growing family. He’s a Variety Twitch Streamer you’ll mainly find playing GTAV and FiveM. He’s also a DOJRP Media Member and Jr. Admin


As normal, we like to get to know everyone in our family and let you know a bit about them too, so we’ve asked J2 a few Qs below:

When did you start streaming and why? What’s your favourite thing about being a Content Creator?

“Started streaming November 2018. My favourite thing about being a Content Creater is bringing a smile or a laugh to the viewers face. I do this by simply having fun with my friends and playing games I want to play.”

What kind of things can people expect on your stream or would be able to participate in? What do you want from and for your community?

“People can expect legit roleplay where I don’t take myself too seriously whilst having many laughs with friends and taking the piss out of myself. We are fully inclusive and welcome all.”

Do you have any previous experience in Esports?


Why did you join TLR and what do you hope to achieve within the org? How have you found it so far?

“I was approached by Michael in a stream. I had no awareness of TLR or their purpose. After sitting with Michael for around an hour he sold the idea to myself that we can grow together and all win collectively. There has been good communication between all parties; I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

What else do you do other than streaming?

“Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I’m an avid fan of sports.”

• Favourite game atm?


How have you been passing time in Lockdown? Do you think Covid-19 has affected your streams?

“Streaming a hell of a lot more. Eating lots of food. Having the occasional alcoholic beverage and playing quizzes with friends.”

We look forward to all your frequent streams James. His Twitter bio says he’s a “Professional Nobody” but CEO Mark ‘Chefinal’ Robinson had another opinion:

“Adding J2theM to our lineup expands our Streamers portfolio into another genre being GTA. We are very excited to have J2theM as part of TLR with his entertaining streams and continuous growth as a streaming talent.”Chefinal

We hope to support James as he reaches new heights in his career and join the laughs along the way! Find out more about what J2theM gets up to on his Socials to stay connected. Follow @TheLastResort and @TLRMike on twitter to keep up with our ever-growing org.