And we just won’t quit making moves these days. A warm welcome to the latest of which, Variety Streamer MrPenin who has joined our Stream Team! You’ll find him on Mixer mainly playing Xbox games, currently Dead by Daylight and who can complain. The Mr in is his name is no coincidence as he’s a civilized man of culture who also plays PC and Switch titles. He kindly answered a few questions below for you all to get to know him:

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When did you start streaming and why? What’s your favourite thing about being a Content Creator?

“I started streaming back in September of 2018 and I just fell in love with interacting with people and sharing a common ground of games; I find the best thing about being a Content Creator is getting people from all around the world gaming together and having fun as a big team!.”

• What kind of things can people expect on your stream or would be able to participate in? What do you want from and for your community?

“People who come into my stream can expect to join in the games I play as it’s mostly multiplayer and I always give everyone apart of my community opportunity to pick the games we play though my discord. All I expect back is they follow rules and stay as positive as possible and if they are having a bad day talk about it so we can share the troubles and help as and where we can as a community.”

• Do you have any previous experience in Esports?

“My only real experience with Esport is watching the old Call of Duty matches when I was younger and I loved the idea of a competitive side to gaming.”

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• Why did you join TLR and what do you hope to achieve within the org? How have you found it so far?

“I wanted to join TLR because I have only seen them as a positive contribution to Esports and the gaming world and I can only see it as a positive step in my streaming career. I would love to keep growing as a streamer and grow TeamPen to be one of the biggest communities on the internet. Even though I am very new to TLR, everyone has been super welcoming!”

• What’s you biggest achievement to date as a streamer and what are some of your goals both individually and in TLR?

“My biggest achievement as a streamer so far is to continuously be growing such a positive community to the point it’s like a family and everyone is welcome, we share each others low moments and celebrate each others achievements. My goal is pushing for a partnership with Mixer so that I can bring my positive community to more and more people and we can grow stronger to help as many people as possible.”

What else do you do other than streaming?

“Other than streaming I enjoy LARPing which is Live Action Role Play…now imagine acting and Dungeons and Dragons had a baby and that is LARP. It’s an amazing hobby which means you can shut off from the real world, become whatever you want and just enjoy playing characters from a warrior, archer, mage or even a bard!”

• Your favourite game at the moment?

“I always struggle to pick a “favourite game” because I enjoy so many different styles of games but I have been feeling very addicted to (Call of Duty) WarZone.”

• How have you been passing time in Lockdown? Do you think Covid-19 has affected your streams?

“With Lockdown in current effect it’s been very hard for everyone. Now I’m still at my day job and with the staffing issues I feel my streams have been affected but mainly self inflicted due to not being able to stream as much as I wish to because I just feel like crashing. I’ve been pushing myself harder to keep my community smiling even in Lockdown”

CEO Micheal ‘Chefinal’ Robinson spends a lot of time working on growing our org and is particular about picking the right people. He explains why MrPenin was one of them:

“At TLR we love to bring in new up and coming talent and after Grim (GrimlockePrime) recommended MrPenin it was a no-brainer in offering him a place. We always look for qualities such as dedication, creativity, willingness to grow and other such attributes and MrPenin ticked all the boxes.” – Chefinal

Our Lead Streamer GrimlockePrime, who affectionaelty refers to MrPenin as ‘Pen’ and knew him prior to joining our family, said:

“I wanted him to join because he is a Variety Streamer with the passion and drive to achieve anything he sets his mind on; he is a positive person who has founded his community on a zero tolerance to Negativity and Toxicity. His Focus being to create a never negative community, he prides himself on promoting and elevating positive behaviour and awareness. I believe he will be a vital member in the growth of TLR Esports as one of its Partnered Content Creators” – GrimlockePrime

There you have it folks, he’s not just a talented creator but a genuinely good person and the world is always in need of those, especially now. Follow MrPenin on Twitter @MrPenin, Mixer @MrPenin and join his Disord here! His current streaming schedule is Wednesday/Friday/Saturday from 8pm BST and Sunday 6pm BST time, however this is due to change as his other commitments are finished with. We hope you are as happy in his streams as we are he’s in the family.

Follow Chefinal @TLRMike, GrimlockePrime @GrimlockePrime and the Offical org twitter @TheLastResort for more news and content!