You most definitely have already seen Katy Louise Eyre aka Kurgi on our socials but we thought it’s only fair you get the opportunity to know her a little better. Kurgi’s a Variety Streamer playing mostly PC titles. She, like half the gaming world, has been grinding Riot Games’ hot new FPS Valorant and currently stands at Rank Silver; no surprise you’ll also find her playing League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive occasionally. She joined The Last Resort back in April and now you’ll get a little insight into who she is as a person and Content Creator. She squeezed some time into her busy schedule to answer a few questions below!

Kurgi photographing at the PES League 2019 World Finals

 • When did you start streaming and why? What’s your favourite thing about being a Content Creator?

“I started streaming a long time ago and gave it up due to not having a very good PC, but picked it back up a couple of months ago. I like it when people interact with the chat, feels like I’m not sat here on my own!”

• What kind of things can people expect on your stream or can participate in? What do you want from and for your community?

“People can expect horrific whiffs and bad gameplay but I like to make sure everyone in chat gets noticed.”

• Do you have any previous experience in Esports?

“I’ve been an Esports Photographer for the past 4 years.”

• Why did you join TLR and what do you hope to achieve within the org? How have you found it so far?

“I joined them (TLR) to help get started with a good name behind me and people I can trust. They really help out in so many aspects. I can’t fault TLR, it’s a great org to be under.”

• What’s your biggest achievement to date as a streamer. What are some of your goals both individually and in TLR?

“I’m surprised at how many people have supported me whilst I stream and I hit 21 subs. Doesn’t sound like much but it’s a lot to me. I’m blown away, I really didn’t think I would reach that so early on. It’s really rewarding when my games are good. I feel like it hypes the chat up too and I get more confident as I go. Some of my goals are to build more on my stream, get some personal emotes and incorporate more of the TLR branding as I gain more followers!”

 What else do you do other than streaming?

“Just work a lot at the moment or watch Netflix haha.”

Kurgi recently landed her dream creative job as a Video Editor for a Sheffield based Media company. Well done to her and congratulations again!

• Your favourite game at the moment?

“Favourite game is probably Valorant even though I get really angry at it.”

• How have you been passing time in Lockdown? Do you think Covid-19 has affected your streams?

“Passing time has been filled with work, so just gaming on a night really and connecting with friends online has been the saviour.”


CEO Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson spoke about why he was happy to take Katy on and her time so far in the org.

“Its was a pleasure to welcome Katy to TLR as someone with a wide variety of expertise and experience. It is well known Kurgi is a very dedicated, hard working person who can offer a lot to the brand not just in streaming but other areas such as video and photography. I believe our collaboration will yield a bright future from which both Katy and TLR can benefit. So far we have seen her steady growth and are happy to know she is highly supported and thriving.” – Chefinal

Our Content and Community Manager Kristina ‘Amorphess’ Clarke previously knew and worked with Katy at epicLAN along with our former TLR Streamer and Esports Caster Dave Marr. She had this to say:

“I was happy Katy picked up streaming again. Being a fellow freelancer, I knew the effects Covid-19 would have made times harder for her and having something to motivate her again in a well known org would help. She joined just after (Dave) Marr and both gave me the confidence to go after my current position. She has always maintained a strong, dedicated work ethic to Event and Esports photography with determination, streaming would be no exception. She is a valued member of the UK Scene and TLR. We’ve already seen her quick growth both personally and professionally. I’m sure she will continue to do so.” – Amorphess

Kurgi doesn’t have a strict schedule but she’s working on one she can stick to. For now, follow her instead on Twitter @katyleyre to know when she’s live and check out her portfolio!

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