Our streaming family has lost a few members over the last few months, but we are glad to say we continue to welcome wonderful new members. We would like to happily announce UK Mixer streamer James aka ComTV as the newest member of The Last Resort Stream Team! James is a proud Dad, husband, and business owner. He’s been streaming a variety of content since October 2019 actively and successful growing his community. Some of you may know his as ‘Comsize’ prior to his rebrand, but his motto remains the same: “Positivity – Family – Community”. If you love FIFA 20 you should continue reading.

When did you start streaming and why? What’s your favourite thing about being a Content Creator?

I wanted to share my knowledge for the game (Fifa) and see if anyone else was doing the same. I wanted to meet some cool people along the way; its become a full time gig now, as my community are simply amazing!

• What can people jumping in your interactive streams for the first time expect? What do you want from and for your community?

“You can expect some high quality advice on the ins and outs of the FIFA world, for example on gameplay, trading and all round football knowledge. I want to become a professional in the world of FIFA and for my community to improve their own gameplays, if possible, from the advice! I play with almost all my viewers and also rate teams at least once a week to help them improve their FIFA experience.”

• Do you have any previous experience in Esports?

“None, I am a virgin!”

•  Why did you join TLR and what do you hope to achieve within the org? How have you found it so far?

“It seemed like the right choice, it has a family vibe. I want to grow with other like-minded people in the same direction, and I believe that TLR is that place.”

• What’s your biggest achievement to date as a streamer and what are some of your goals both individually and in TLR?

“We have recently hit 3k followers on Mixer, which is a huge achievement. In the coming weeks I will be applying for partnership. Its an incredible platform to be a part of, I call it my home and I am hoping to take my game to the next level with this partnership! I am hoping with TLR’s support we can achieve this together!”

 What else do you do other than streaming?

“I run an IT business from home, and have a wonderful family including my wife and 2 children who keep me busy!”

Com with is adorable daughter.

• Your favourite game at the moment?

“ANY HORROR GAME! I have a weird obsession of being scared at the moment…so chuck those jump scares at me.”

• How have you been passing time in Lockdown? Do you think Covid-19 has affected your streams?

I think they have actually spiked a little in number in a positive way, as more people have time on their hands I guess, which in these testing and trying times it’s nice to see small positive!

 “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”

Well we at TLR think Com joining us is a big positive. CEO Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson, who has been prioritizing increasing our content team with the right people among his many tasks, said:

“Adding one of our latest streamers ComTV was a no brainer. FIFA is a very popular game among the streaming community and this shows through Com. He has fit in great with the TLR brand and family. We welcome Com and his community to TLR Esports and look forward to supporting him for a bright future.” – Chefinal

Again, a big welcome to you Com, we know you will do us proud! If you like Fifa and Horror or you just want some quality entertainment, follow James on Twitter @Com__TV to see when he’s live. Catch his streams at, 14.30 – 18.30 BST Monday to Friday and join #ComsCommunity on Discord here! Check out his Instagram: Com__TV and peep more wholesome, fun and insightful videos on his YouTube: ComTv.

For more org activities and announcements follow Chefinal @TLRMike and the official org Twitter @TheLastResort.