We’ve gained a great mix of variety streamers in the last few months but when it rains it pours. We are pleased to welcome the talented Poker Streamer Mark ‘Weazel_1991’ Rubbathan to the family. For many of our members, TLR has become their first Esports org and Weazel follows suit. He primarily streams cash game poker, however occasionally games too favouring mainly old classics or like speedrunning Final Fantasy VIII Remastered which you can watch him do in 8:39:03 here.


As become custom, we asked him to show his hand a little for you all to get to know him.

• When did you start streaming and why? What’s your favourite thing about being a Content Creator?

“Around 3 years ago, I liked the idea of vocalizing my thought processes and helping others get into the game. The best thing about it is the community aspect, both with other streamers and my community, I’ve build up over the years.”

• What can people popping by your stream for the first time expect? What do you want from and for your community?

“Good strategy talk about poker so you can learn about the game and me raging at getting unlucky! I just want the community to be able to let loose; my stream is more easy going than other streams.”

•  Why did you join TLR and what do you hope to achieve within the org? How have you found it so far?

“I’m very new to it, I just think it’s a good mutual opportunity for myself and TLR to gain exposure, and it seemed like fun!”

• What’s your biggest achievement to date as a streamer and what are some of your goals both individually and in TLR?

“Getting over 50 subs to get 5 emotes felt incredible. i just want to be a consistent streamer and potentially go for partner once full-time.”

Weazel at the Grosvenor UK POKER Tour, Manchester

 What else do you do other than streaming?

“Poker takes up the majority of spare time, still I occasional make time for gaming and playing the guitar.”

• Your favourite game at the moment?

“I’m currently replaying Final Fantasy X, that alongside Final Fantasy 8 and Metal Gear Solid.”

• How have you been passing time in Lockdown? Do you think Covid-19 has affected your streams?

“Poker and games. Yes, because the poker games are amazing right now!”


Weazel thinks he tends to “talk a really good game but play a bad one” but his track record says otherwise. Watch his highlights of a $1k-$10k Poker Bankroll Challenge here.

CEO Mark ‘Chefinal’ Robinson was keen to diversifying into the world of Poker and expressed why Mark fit the bill:

“We were adamant about adding a Poker streamer to our line-up as there are holistic similarities and crossovers between poker, esports and streaming that would be viable explorations for TLR. Mark has shown to have a great aptitude, dedication and willingness to succeed not just in his poker career but also streaming. I think this partnership will be very beneficial for both parties and we look forward to a bright future with him.” – Chefinal

Weazel’s schedule changes weekly, but once he leaves his current employment he plans to stream 5 days a week and will likely have a set schedule. Until then, follow him on Twitter @Weazel_1991 and catch his streams at twitch.tv/weazel_1991! Join his Discord community here. Glad to have you apart of TLR Mark and we look forward to learning more about the world of Poker with you!

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