Though we have a great line up of UK talent so far, we always like to strive for improvement. The Last Resort Esports proudly welcome Tom ‘MystiC’ Morrish! He’s a 23 year old Grandmaster Terran hailing from the UK who previously lived Calgary, which he refers to as a “beautiful white oasis,” still showing commitment then to Blizzard Entertainments strategy title StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void.

Despite having played at a fairly high level, MystiC has never been apart of an official org until now. He was previously a long term member of ‘Team SC2Improve’ aka TSI, comprising of a group of friends that eventually rebranded as Team WardiTV. TSI in the past included players of our current StarCraft II roster. It seems his joining us was inevitable as they continue to cross paths having all played against him in the friendly minor league Quaranteams, with MystiC placing 3rd under TSI and 2nd individually overall. He also shares their experience history of competing at the UK’s epic.LAN, placing 5 – 6th at Epic29 back in February. He has roots as far back as Epic11 when he made his debut and bested teams with known, formidable roster members.

MystiC’s talent is apparent in many forms as he once defeated GGBourne in a SC2Improve Weekly using his left hand. You can read more of his competitive career on Liquipedia here and continue reading to hear more about the man himself.

We asked MystiC why he joined TLR and how he has found it so far.

“TLR have a great reputation in the UK StarCraft II scene, having had a great roster back when I participated my first events in 2013. Since returning last year TLR seem to be in an exciting phase of growth and development, so when I was offered the chance to join I couldn’t say no.”

“Its been great so far; everyone has been supportive in helping me to settle in. I’m also already good friends with the existing squad, Figaro, Aster and Cladhoriza, so that’s an added bonus.”


Please tell us some of your biggest achievements to date.

“In SC2 one of the achievements I’ll never forget is at my first epic.LAN in 2013 when I rocked up as a mid-master league player with all the gear and no idea. I was placed in a strong group with tournament favourite and eventual winner Dignitas Dream, Sabre (who was on TLR at the time I believe) and another strong player, Deranging. Somehow I managed to finish top! More recently, coming 3rd in the UKSC2 League after a couple of years away from the scene was a big highlight for me.”

What do you want to achieve in the org and as an individual player?

“I think everyone’s ultimate goal is to win a tournament, however big or small. On a smaller scale I would also like to improve as much as I can (hopefully with the help of my new teammates) and finish off 2020 with some strong performances. It would be great to participate in some team leagues.”

What games do you enjoy other than SC2 and what else do you do for fun?

“I don’t really play much else as I have a fairly busy schedule, but if I am playing other games then you’ll normally find me playing some very chill Apex Legends or Warzone.”

CEO Michael ‘Chefinal’ Robinson spoke about the benefits of MystiC being the 4th addition to our SC2 team.

“Given the talent of our three players before him, Kaizen and I wanted to make sure that the 4th addition was of the same caliber. It goes without saying MystiC is naturally gifted at the game. We are happy he returned to the esport and is willing to compete under our banner as one of the UKSC2 scene’s long standing heavy hitters. Our line up is highly capable and we can’t wait to see what all four will achieve together and individually as they grow together playing on the strengths of their collective skill and interpersonal relationships.” – Chefinal

Mystic doesn’t use his Twitter much, but in case he graces us all you can follow him @Tom_Morrish and catch his streams at We’re not only stoked to have a veteran and decisively talented player representing the UK and TLR, but are happy to be an org were people are so frequently willing to take their first steps in the industry or continue honing their abilities. A big welcome again to Mystic, may he win with the astute skill we know he possesses.

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