Joining the fighting Games Community was always a toss up as we wanted to start things of with the right players. When we were presented with the option of Shakil “Shakz” Ghazi  joining we decided it was time. A warm welcome to our first every Street Fighter V Player!

Shakil is a 22 year old British Londoner with a passion for fighting games and a degree in BSc Computer Science. He’s been around the scene since 2017 and has played for teams such as FNATIC and Team Infused.


◾️ Why did you join TLR? How have you been finding it so far?

“I joined TLR simply because I’ve heard nothing but good things from them from a good friend of mine who works in the gaming industry. Also, I like how they promote their players through social media.”

“I’m not too familiar with the other players in the org, but I do know that we all gain a lot of support from TLR as we’re always communicating through discord and everyone’s always nice.

◾️ What do you want to achieve in the org and as an individual player?

“I’d like to put TLR on the map by streaming regularly and growing as a twitch partner as well being a consistent player in my region so I can have a shot in the Capcom Cup.”

◾️ Biggest Achievement to date?

“Earning a twitch partnership and earning multiple top 8 finishes in CPT ranking events.”

◾️ What’s your favourite thing about SFV?

“My favourite thing about sfv would be the character diversity in this game. I’m a player who likes to play multiple characters at high level, so I like having a wide variety with different tools.”

◾️ What do you love about fighting games in general?

“What I enjoy the most about fighting games is that it’s just you vs the opponent. 1v1. No teammates to rely on. A battle between two.”

◾️ Fav fighting character? Why?

“My favourite fighting game character would be Dudley from SFIV. He’s British, drives a fancy car and has the deadliest combos/mixups.”

◾️ First combo you ever learned?

“My first ever combo I learned was with Ryu in SF2. Crouch medium kick into Hadooken.”

“Happy to announce that I have signed for The Last Resort as their first SFV player! Looking forward to competing again.” – SHAKZ

◾️ Favourite FGC event/player (other than yourself :D)?

“My favourite event of all time has to be EVO in Las Vegas”

“My favourite player of all time other than myself has to be Infiltration from Korea. He’s a player that has many different strategies and the most effective in my opinion. He has a hit and run style which is very entertaining to watch!”

◾️ What’s the next LAN you’re looking forward to?

“The next online Capcom Pro Tour event for Europe West.”

◾️ What games do you enjoy other than SFV?

“I like to play COD Warzone and Fortnite with my friends.”

◾️ What else do you do for fun?

“I like going out with friends and family, keeping up with the latest sneakers, playing football, listening to music, and travelling!”


Catch Shakz’s live streams on Twitch @shakzldn and stay up to date with his comps on Twitter @ShakzLDN and @TheLastResort!