Mark ‘Moon1‘ Moony joins us as 1 of 5 Valorant players from Engine on Mute, a Brimstone main and former CS 1.6 player. Read below to learn more about him in his Q & A.


◾️ A little about yourself?

“Unfortunately, turning 31 in August…My passions in life are sport, finance and gaming. Weird mix I know.”

◾️ An interesting fact about you nobody would guess, gaming or otherwise?

“I played for Man Utd school of excellence when i was 11 years old.”

◾️ What’s your previous Esports Experience?

“Only 1.6 high competitive play in 2005-2008.”

◾️ Why did you join TLR?

“Great opportunity. Valorant is a new game and its amazing to play it again at a high level with the only people I’d ever play an online game with… So…thanks for taking us on!”

◾️ How have you been finding it so far?

“Good….. :D”

◾️ What do you want to achieve in the org and as an individual player?

“Progress as a player…I’m not shroud but there’s nothing stopping me and the team achieving at the highest level.”


◾️ What’s your favourite thing about Valorant?

“Resemblance to cs 1.3/1.6, best games ever made.”

◾️ Favourite Weapon/Map?

“Vandle and Split.”

◾️ Why have you chosen your main?

“Chosen is a….loose term.” O_O

◾️ Do you agree with the current ranking system in Valorant?

“I think so mainly…Takes time to iron out the overall process though.”

◾️ What do you hope for the future of the EU Valorant scene?

“Competition and further monetization. Earning while doing something you love? Priceless.”

◾️ Favourite skin? What do you think about the prices?

“Anything yellow. Prices are fair.”

◾️ Do you think peaker’s advantage will affect your team strats drastically?

“If ping are low then no.”

◾️ When did you meet your teammates and what made you decide you’d make a great team?

“Introduced to smc through an old mate who was actually one of the most talented aimers I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t play anymore sadly, he quit in 1.5 I think.”

◾️ Do you think current events have influenced your competitive options so far outside of not being able to attend LAN?

“Covid? Not sure. A lot can be achieved online these days, times are different to what they used to be. Online competition is my main focus right now.”

◾️ Biggest Achievement to date in Valorant?

“Stopping Rob getting his ace at least twice.”

◾️ What online event are you looking forward to the most? What LAN would you like to compete in, in future?

“Any online tourney I’d love to play in.”

◾️ What games do you enjoy other than Valorant?


◾️ What else do you do for fun?

“Trade financial equities. Not joking. Go to the gym occasionally too. I have a gym montage video you may laugh at.”

Moon doesn’t have a Twitter (yet) but you can catch his live streams at twitch.tv/moonn11 and watch his YouTube content here. Follow our official Twitter @TheLastResort to keep up with his competing!