Rob ‘RobuLuS‘ Dickin joins us as 1 of 5 Valorant players from Engine on Mute, a Sova main and former competitive CS 1.6 player for TLR and Dignitas. Read below to learn more about his experiences in a life of games.


◾️ A little about yourself?

“Hi, I’m Rob. I’m an old timer at 33 and living near Leeds in the UK. I have played games all my life and competitively since 1999!”

◾️ An interesting fact about you nobody would guess, gaming or otherwise?

“I have a one year old son! I also previously played for TLR over 10 years ago.”

◾️ What’s your previous Esports Experience?

“I started with Quake 3 and then CS in 2001! I won all the old main UK leagues in CS 1.6 and competed in plenty of LAN events like CPL and Kode 5. I also have a bit of history in StarCraft 2 where I got into the Grandmaster league in 2013.”

◾️ Why did you join TLR?

“Having played here before I know what a great organisation they are and I can’t wait to represent them.”

◾️ How have you been finding it so far?

“Fantastic, early days the but community vibe is excellent.”

◾️ What do you want to achieve in the org and as an individual player?

“I want to compete at a high level and make a name for ourselves within the Valorant esports community. I create my own content on YouTube and want to increase my output too.”

“I’m looking forward to competing in Valorant with the team I played with over 15 years ago!” – RobuLuS

◾️ What’s your favourite thing about Valorant?

“It’s simply the most fluid tactical FPS game I’ve played since the original Counter-Strike. It’s a game with an extremely high skill ceiling for a team with co-ordinated abilities.”

◾️ Favourite Weapon/Map?

“Operator and Bind.”

◾️ Why have you chosen your main?

“I spent most of the beta playing Omen and then Brimstone and Reyna. More recently however as a team we needed a Sova. He has an incredibly high skill ceiling with so many potential arrows and things to learn.”

◾️ Do you agree with the current ranking system in Valorant?

“It needs a separate team ranking for sure.”

◾️ What do you hope for the future of the EU Valorant scene?

“Hope to see more events online with high viewership and hitting the ground running with LANs as soon as we are at the other side of COVID.”

◾️ Favourite skin? What do you think about the prices?

“Hard one but probably the Enderflame knife, I’m not keen of the other Enderflame skins but the knife has a CS 1.5 vibe. The prices I don’t mind, its a free to play game and skins don’t change anything other than aesthetics.”

◾️ Do you think peaker’s advantage will affect your team strats drastically?

“We have already in cups come across teams from Russia and similar distances who have 80+ ping, you have to adjust the way you play vs them or enjoy feeling like you are dying instantly.”

◾️ When did you meet your teammates and what made you decide you’d make a great team?

“Most of them I met in CS 1.6 in around 2004 when I was looking for a team and joined a team called engineonmute. GrEgsoNNN I met randomly in a FACEIT CS:GO game a few years ago!”

◾️ Do you think current events have influenced your competitive options so far outside of not being able to attend LAN?

“Yes, I feel Valorant would have had a few more events without the current situation.”

◾️ Biggest Achievement to date in Valorant?

“Nothing massive but winning online cups, there’s not much else to do currently unless you are in the Ignition Series!”

◾️ What online event are you looking forward to the most? What LAN would you like to compete in, in future?

“Ignition Series is the big one. Hope to qualify for that at some stage.”

◾️ What games do you enjoy other than Valorant?

“I play far too much Football Manager to relax as well as StarCraft 2 and CS:GO.”

◾️ What else do you do for fun?

“Watch a lot of football and enjoy running and of course activities with my son.”

Watch Rob live at and see his latest YouTube content here. Follow his Twitter @RobuLuS and the official TLR Twitter @TheLastResort for live updates of what he and our other Valorant players get up tp!

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