Rehzzy joins TLR.RL

TLR.VAL is born

TLR.R6 acquires 4 new Roster members

Cougar Gaming Uk partners with TLR Esports



TLR.RL after finding a new third also aquired a sub for RLCSX and are on the hunt for a Coach.

▪️ Nicecactus Monthly 1k

Knocked into Lowers R1 by Venc Gaming and Eliminated by opp block

TO: app.nicecactus.gg/tournament/135168/bracket

Tylacto Departs amicably from TLR




▪️ G2 Play with Pros Challengers #2

Rainbow 6 SiegeWe compete into G2’s Play with Pros Tournament. The most notable defeat of the event was Godsent in the Semi Final. Their final match was streamed live on G2s Twitch vs Division.

TO: app.nicecactus.gg/tournament/136154/bracket

  • 7 – 0 Error Esports
  • 7 – 4 43rti (Ex Forze)

ESA #SiegeChampionSeries S1

Our previous Roster won ESA S1, though they were not under TLR’s banner and were on course to do it again before they disbanded. It’s been an interesting competition as we acquired Looking For Home who were previously our opponents and Coach Hurdes had to step in for the second time since joining TLR to play vs @TheDynastyGG with last minute subs who Dense, Dnsu, Jqnas and Jdudez, friends of Flexy.

  • Dynasty
  • 2 – 0 North Sea Gaming / 7 – 2 Clubhouse 7 – 2 Villa

// TLR.R6 disbands as a result of low moral and the impact of no IGL.

Following an amicable disbanding, we say farewell to @Vxnzm_@BruNNo_R6@quickr6s (all LFT) @Louis_R6 and @SecretR6S. We wish them great luck in their future endeavors. We’ve not departed the scene, as our newly acquired Roster will be revealed later!




Lois leaves TLR.R6 for personal well being. 

// TLR.R6 Champions of SEL3

We took the #SEL3 Grand Final victory vs London Esports dispite the hiccup. We started at matchpoint 6 – 4 on Oregon then played Villa; playing Coastline wasn’t necessary. The event was apart of Esports Scotland’s BigFest Online and streamed on the BBC Scotland website as well as their main Twitch.

This match is apart of @EsportsSCO‘s #BIGFestOnline. All proceeds go to @NHSCharities. Click the link if you’d like to donate and help support the NHS!

Donation Link: esportsscotland.co.uk/donate

A close first map. Looks like it’s another clash of Titans for us but the bigger they are the harder they fall. Due to Ubisoft servers being down, the Grand Final was postponed to the next day.

We came out on top 2 – 0 vs @LionsCreedGG in the #SEL3 Semis! From one Alpha to another, it was a great challenge!

@quickr6s with a Triple Kill subverting @LionsCreedGG‘s earlier momentum. We now stand at 5 – 5.


We called it.

StarCraft 2


TLR.SC2 made a return to EpicLAN for #Epic30/EpicWAN. Thank you to our sponsors Cougar Gaming and PureTrak for sponsoring the event! We had a great start and made it through groups however finished 5 – 6th at best overall in the event.

Read more about the event and our new sponsorship with Cougar here: tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/tournaments/epic30starcraft2/elimination#lower-

Street Fighter V

Shakz made it to the Trovo Throwdown Invitational EU but placed 4th after a loss in the Winners final to @Hurricane_FGC.

Capcom Pro Tour EU West Day 1

Shakz’s place in the Capcom Cup slipped away as his 2 – 0 defeat in T16 Losers R1 by @Infexiousdc eliminated him from the comp.

Both are one of the 4 players ever to hit 20+ wins in @Gfinity Elite Series history. A fair but unfortunate setback for Shakz, still August awaits for another go!

Congratulations to@ShakzLDN, the 4th #SFVCE @SaltmineTV Champion of Season VII. Despite being knocked into LB at the Final and dealing with serious lag, he beat @The4philzzFGC 3 -0 and he pulled it out the bag to break @VergilVines‘ power stride.

TO: challonge.com/SaltS7T4

The winning strike: clips.twitch.tv/BadTacitPoxBlargNaut



Mixer shut down full on which meant some of our streamers had to change platforms. A heart wrenching faith for our them but TLR is adamant at standing by them as they transition. 


Our Stream Mr.Penin has moved to both platforms Twitch and trovo

Our Fifa streamer .. joins Twitch 


Trovo is a streaming platform that has gained quite a lot of traction as of late. Both our streamers Mr.Penin and GrimlockePrime are the only ones to choose this platform.


TLR welcomes one of our former streamers, David Marriotte as our General Manager.



We partnered with @COUGAROFFICIAL to bring you all a chance to win one of 3 awesome prize bundles of their gaming and esports products. Already 200+ entries so get stuck in!

+ gleam.io/NLt57/cougar-gaming-competition

Our friends at Billy Franks have always taken care of us, but they were kind enough to partner with us for a giveaway of their delicious artisan Jerky. Congrats again to our lucky winner. Use code ‘TLRESPORTS’ for 20% off at Checkout!

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