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Connor “Bigun” Suddons started playing more competitive in the 2020 UK lockdown, he has hone his skills to become one of the best rifle main’s in the CS2 UK scene.

Bigun has always been playing FPS games, as a child he was dangerous on MW2/COD4 back in the day. He moved onto playing CSGO back in lockdown properly, after playing 10 mans with ‘the boys’ even though he had the game since 2013 release but he he has found his passion on the competitive side of CS and just been playing ever since really. Played under TLR at the start of 2023 with Kay/Rayman/Nenwin/Zal and was competing in ESEA main and EpicLan but then moved on to K10 before coming back to TLR in November 2023.

With his new team they are expecting to dominate in all competition and do TLR proud!

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